The team is consisted of well experienced and excellent background personnel in the wide range of technical R&D Division
With organization of well experienced and excellent technical background personnel, HEECHANG Research Lab is utilizing the highest quality materials in developing new products to give the safety of foods as the most important virtue for safety of our products consumers. The Research Laboratory continues and devotes to develop and improve wide range of products including ice cream powder, teas (instant coffees, powder teas, solid extract teas), soft drinks(powder, other kinds), ginseng products (other ginseng products), and other products (botanical creamer). As a material provider to the food production companies, we are in collaboration with the companies by exchanging information to facilitate the development and provide quality products. The Research Laboratory developed creamer and new milky extra which have been exported since 1992 with good reputations until today. In 1998, we were selected by government to supply to the military corps. In 2006, the research lab developed three different types of bron’s coffee mix under the campaign of company wide exertive project.
R&D Division Achievements
The experimental dry pilot enables to make sample products and to develop new brand and improve the existing products through tests. The zero gravity mixer enables through tests to make sample products and develop and improve the quality of various kinds of teas and coffee mix with different tastes. The germfree room and microbiology management system are set up for 0% of Sakajaki bacteria for infant milk powder.
Future Mission
The Research Laboratory will devote to develop new tastes which our consumers can eat safely and meet their satisfaction.? We will continue to do our best to lead future dining culture through technological innovation and new technological field.