ISO 9000 Quality Guarantee System is a standard which was stipulated and executed by International Organization Standardization to certify the quality of products and services provided to the customer.
The international certifying institute is to evaluate the process and appropriateness in an objective point of view by third party if the provider has proper facilities to provide reliable products and services to the customers.

1)Overview of HACCP
It is the management system to get certified of safety of foods which is different from the previous facility inspection and conducted way based on experiences. The new management system take appropriate measures to prevent flow into of bacteria or polluting elements. This involves hazard analysis (HA), and decide and investigate critical control point (CCP), which is highly evaluated for its effectiveness designated by FAO/WHO as harmful factors which should be controlled.

2) Features of HACCP System
The previous way to prove the manufactured foods are sanitary safe or not was to conduct germs inspection test on the products. However, this method requires rather long time to get the test results and the high cost is another problem. Moreover, since all the products cannot be tested, the sample tests degrade reliability of the test results. However, the sanitary control method utilized on HACCP system is focused on preventive management by predicting the safety of foods on various points of view, unlike the previous control method. That is, the purpose of the HACCP system is to prevent harmful conditions throughout the entire processing of food production (cooking procedures) in every step to perfectly control the sanitary condition and eventually to achieve safety of final production.