We give highest value on our products for their safety
We create new smell and taste goods to get admiration from our customers
who are more than just consumers for us.
To perform systematic safety program for products throughout the whole process ranging from material selection, designing, manufacturing to providing.
To produce products to meet customer’s satisfaction, we will listen to the voice of customer outside, we will keep eyes on the trend of market, we will improve and develop products with all employees participation inside, which will generate reliability of customers and obtain safety of foods.
All employees shall be responsible for the product quality of HEECHANG. They understand company’s product quality policy and will act accordingly to establish and maintain stable quality control system
Given authority as deputy of CEO, managing director of the company shall have rights to perform in accordance with established product control system and have responsibility to take proper measures as required. The managing director who is authorized as deputy officer of CEO shall ensure the product quality system of HEECHANG will meet the latest version of ISO 9001 International Standards. The managing director shall have the rights and obligations to report regarding the performance of product quality system to CEO for review, evaluation, and further product system improvements.